Coffee Culture: Masses, Mobs and Moments – Is it purposeful?

March 26, 2015

When it comes to coffee and culture during the work day here are four common scenarios a coffee drinker typically finds themselves in:


The Community

We all flock to that same café either first thing in the morning or mid-afternoon. It’s almost a social event, a place where you catch a glimpse of the cute so & so or check out what ‘she’ or ‘he’ is wearing.

Ask yourself are you really there for the coffee? Do you really need to be there at the busiest times of the day when you know you have a meeting in less than an hour? Is this a stress-induced visit that is likely to increase your stress because you have just decreased you prep time?


The Mob

Be it your team, work friends or professional social group, this mob is ready to run out the door for that daily fix. The conversation en route is based loosely around how you or someone else in the group can’t function without it, how it’s the keys in the ignition, it’s how you get started in the morning, an important ritual and one that sets the tone for the day.

This can be a key team-building tool however it needs to remain purposeful. Are you the one just following the mob aimlessly? Would getting your coffee on the way to work help you save time, rather than after you arrive at work?


The Partner-in-Crime

You and your bestie or your coffee buddy take time to debrief, gossip or vent. An important ritual to help you through a day but how many times a day do you do it? Is it a necessary vent or a habit?

I’d bet one of you says “Do we have to go back now?” and the trip becomes an exercise in procrastination. Is it really about the coffee or escaping? Are you compounding negativity by re-hashing that thing that is bothering you?


The Lone Ranger

You need a breather, or you like that time on your own. This habit is just as important as the others, sometimes more. I have recently adopted this as I was never one that had a coffee alone – but it has become a great time to read or reflect. You should never be bored with your own company.


Rethink what it means to you

I have been all of these at one point or another – both with and without purpose.

The important thing here is to realise what purpose a daily dose can hold and whether it enables or inhibits productivity, team or self-fulfilment.

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Consider your daily habits and make sure it is bringing you benefit. If it isn’t, think about what would. A small shift might prove highly useful both for yourself and those around you.

This will make that act, as well as the drink, more enjoyable, and more valuable