Coffee Culture – Are you having a decaf?

So I had to have a decaf coffee at home the other day. We’d run out of the caffeinated stuff.

And I never drink decaf. Even though caffeine doesn’t have a big impact on me, I love the taste, the smell and the idea of it.

Drinking that decaf got me thinking about how we sometimes do things without our heart being in it. I was going through the motions of having a coffee even though it wasn’t for any of the reasons I love having coffee. The heart of it was missing. It had lost its meaning and I had no satisfaction from it. Why did I drink it anyways?


So it got me thinking, how often is this also true for when we ‘have a coffee’ with someone but aren’t there with our heart in it. Why would we even bother? Why do we go through the motions?


Make sure there is a point

Following on from our previous blog, Masses, Mobs and Moments, purposefulness is imperative here. If you are going to spare the time, and the $5 (if you are in Perth), then make sure you know what you objectives are.

Whether it’s hearing about what is happening in someone’s life or whether you are hashing out a business deal, acknowledge to yourself beforehand what you want out of the conversation.

When you objective is clear, it is easier to drive the conversation in the right way.


Have a take-away

Learn something new in the conversation, either about the person/people you met with or about yourself. If you are a note-taker and the moment calls for it, take notes. Make sure you feel fulfilled with at least one of your objectives.

Don’t walk away with an empty cup!


Action it

To ensure your meeting was fruitful, agree to action something at the end of the meeting. An action to complete or send something, an email, a message or even the booking for the next meeting to continue the conversation. This could just be the acknowledgment of the next steps.

How often do we have these great conversations and do nothing to realise the impact for us or for others. Maybe the information gathered might be useful to someone else. Pass it on straightaway. If you park it, you may forget it.

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