Got a great idea? Good for you. Now go make it happen!

Sometimes it feels like everyone has a great idea. Most of us have spent countless hours talking about a fantastic business idea with our friends, family and colleagues.

How much is a great idea worth? A lot? You may be thinking that answering that depends on how much business efficiency the idea creates or the type of problem it solves for a consumer or the scale opportunities or the… and on and on.

The reality is that the value of a great idea may not be much of anything without the execution.

Coming up with the idea is the easy part. Mind you, this is not an affront on the importance of creative thinking. It’s the foundation for innovation and creation. Being creative forms a fundamental part of what we do. But innovation and driving real value occurs in the delivery of the ideas – the process of pragmatic incarnation and the practical execution.

So are you and your team capable of executing on your next great idea?

Here are three things you need to make that happen:

1. Make sure you have the right team

Is your team full of ideas people or executors? You need both to make it work. The shape of a good team is in their differences, not necessarily their similarities. Hire the right people or ensure the people within your team have the right spread of skills and operating styles. The difference in your team will allow for different perspectives and will ensure the idea is evaluated and therefore executed effectively.

2. Enable an environment that can deploy

If your team wants to run with a great idea, do they have enough tools and resources to start making it work? This does not necessarily mean capital or technology, but rather, that they can be given time, people, frameworks and space to bring the ideas to fruition. More than often, dad-to-day operations can interrupt innovation.

Check that the rules and frameworks within which your team operates is not stifling innovation. It can often be the unseen barriers which people assume or imagine that can get in the way. Allow for open communication.

Remember innovation is not just about the big projects. Bettering the small things can add up and create larger efficiencies over time.

3. Credit vs. execution

Ideas change and evolve in the process of execution. Sometimes the person who thought it up, might resist change simply so that they don’t lose credit. Remind your team that the idea that doesn’t get executed is an empty promise. Validation can be rewarding but what happens when the idea doesn’t work or work well. Will you want credit then?
If you manage a team or an organisation, take a moment and check if you and your team are ready to move and innovate and evaluate how important that is.

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