Increase your audience engagement with video chat app Blab

August 14, 2015

Blab is a new video streaming service like Periscope or Meerkat, but with a major difference.

Blab is for discussion, collaboration, multiple perspectives and a great deal of control of your interactions. With Blab, four people can video chat simultaneously as an audience watches and comments.

Where Blab truly sets itself apart from other group chat options such Skype or Google Hangouts is that audience members can be be patched into the discussion by a moderator in order to ask questions. This is potentially fantastic engagement as viewers can become participants in the conversation.

Conversations can be recorded, enabling you to publish the video recording afterward to YouTube for ongoing reference by audiences as well as reaching new audiences. Audio can be isolated and published as a podcast, which means multiple cross-platform publication opportunities for a Blab conversation.

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Features include:

  1. Call in requests – Viewers can request to jump in and ask questions. Moderator remains in control.
  2. On/Off the record – You decide whether you want to record your blab.
  3. Live tweets on the side of your Blab – Easy access to tweet about what’s being discussed while seeing what conversations are being had on Twitter.
  4. Home screen is split up into categories – Current categories are Tech, Business and General, and there are more categories on the way.
  5. There’s a big follow button on your video square to make audience building easier.
  6. Images/gifs now display in chat enabling emoji or gif reactions or the ability to discuss diagrams and images.
  7. Hellooooo feels! – Feels are where viewers can tap to show their support or respect for statements made or general conversation (similar to Periscope).

We see a number of beneficial uses for Blab:

  • Tutorials on products or services
  • Interviews and discussions on topics that matter
  • Direct interaction with customers
  • Live discussions about UX or beta testing experiences
  • Seminars and workshops
  • Reading groups discussing a novel or business book
  • Author engagement with audiences

Whilst the app is still in beta and is not yet available on iTunes or other app providers, you can download the app directly to your mobile from the website.

It’s definitely worth checking out to see if Blab can add value to you and your business in how you engage with your stakeholders and the audiences which are important to you.