3 important questions to answer when sponsoring an event

October 19, 2015

OM ThreeSixty is sponsoring the 2015 Asia Pacific Professional Services Marketing Association (APSMA) ANZ Conference in Sydney this week, which will be all about ‘reframing for the future.’

As an association centred on its members, APSMA is committed to providing valued professional development, meaningful support and tools, as well as a community of engagement across the Asia-Pacific region.

As a sponsor of the APSMA conference, we asked ourselves three key questions every sponsor should be able to answer in order to maximise value from their sponsorship.

1. What are our objectives, are they still relevant and how do we execute them?

Whilst we discussed this in making our decision to support the conference some time ago, we re-evaluated what that means from us now in the week of the event. It is not just about the list of transactions that need to occur, it’s about how we can fulfill intangible value.

It would be easy to only sponsor in order to meet, greet, connect, reconnect, and network. We decided that we were particularly interested in learning what the challenges are that everyone is facing. We  want to avoid being complacent about what we think we know. Our biggest value will be derived on understanding what keeps everyone up at night and how we can provide solutions to add value.

We are about making meaningful connections and if our experiences of the last year are anything to go by, meaningful connections take shape in a vast variety of forms. Instead of focussing on who can bring us value, it is important for us to cultivate how we can bring value to those we meet.

So we are looking to learn, learn, learn. This is how we enrich our business and our clients.

2. How do we fit into the conference – the theme, the social order and the value we bring?

In supporting the conference and as part of our own business ethos of #futurebrands, reframing was constantly in our sights. However it is one thing to spruik the need for reframing, it’s a whole other thing to tackle the challenges associated with navigating complex traditions and informal political and social networks in organisations.

In order to meet our objectives for the conference and to support the theme of the conference, we need to listen to how individual complexities are impeding progress for firms. This will also intrinsically drive the value we bring.

The social hierachy of a sponsor varies based on the relationships and environments. We have determined in this environment this is not important to us, but to those whom this is important, ensure your expectations are being met. The best way to do this is to ensure you have communicated them to the sponsee. The expectation gap can form in small things to where you are seated at the table to when you are mentioned in the sponsor role call. If it is not clarified upfront, it can easily become the elephant in the room. Avoid that by being clear.

3. What and who are we focussing on?

Everything and everyone? No, this question is more about not missing what’s right under our noses.

If we want to get specific, we are looking forward to connecting with the dynamic board who have led a tremendous transformation at APSMA in the last two years, along with the members of each regional committee.

Interestingly we found that many sponsors can be dismissive of fellow sponsors as they can be competitors either for attention or directly in the work they do. Take a moment to consider that opportunities comes in many forms and there is enough love to go around. We’re happy to acknowledge our fellow sponsors of the conference:

McLoughlinBall, which provides leading professional services marketing recruitment underpinned by an intimate understanding the industry.

UNSW Business School, which attracts the best and brightest thinkers and shapes innovative leaders who set the pace and agenda for business.

Tikit, which is one of the world’s largest, and most established providers of technology solutions and services to legal and professional service firms.

Principals, which is a leading and award-winning independent brand agency specialising in brand strategy, brand architecture and brand identity.

Lexology, which collaborates with the world’s leading lawyers and other thought leaders to deliver tailored updates and analysis to the desktops of business professionals worldwide on a daily basis.

Bureau Van Dijk, which specialises in comprehensive information on private companies and business intelligence.

Copyright Agency, which collects fees and distributes royalties to creator members.

Viocorp, which integrates engaging online video part of your marketing and communications strategy.

Concep Empowerment Marketing, which provides high value personal relationship marketing technology for digital and mobile.

BBS Communications, which provides a full suite of valuable corporate communications solutions.

Flight Centre, which is Australia’s leading travel agent, offering cheap domestic and international flights, holiday packages, cruises, ski holidays, last minute hotel deals, travel insurance and much more.

Having worked closely with the conference planning group we are looking forward to meeting those we have not met before.

We say big thank you to the dedicated and hardworking individuals who make up this group – APSMA’s General Manager Michelle Prior, the two conference chairs Lisa Nixon from BBS Communications Group and Lucia Halliburton from Victorian Government Solicitors Office, who were supported by Fleur Cameron from KL Gates, Katie Bennett-Stenton and Richard Scott from Deloitte, Katrina Lamaro from GHD, Lisa Csapo from KPMG, Louise Poppelwell from Simpson Griersen, Naomi Barber from DLA Piper and Sonal Chugani from Hogan Lovells.
We are looking forward to the Reframe for the Future’s value packed conference programme, from navigating the disruptive share economy to refreshing established brands, from getting the perspective of the Managing Partner to transforming your business from client insights into customer centricity.

If you are attending the conference, we look forward to speaking with you and sharing knowledge, learning and comradery at the 2015 ANZ APSMA Conference.