Re-framing the future: an APSMA conference wrap-up

October 30, 2015

This year’s APMSA conference has now wrapped up and we’re reflecting on all of the valuable insight shared by the speakers, as well as the many conversations we had with directors, marketers and business development managers from across the Asia Pacific region.

It was a fantastic time discussing the challenges practitioners in accounting, legal, audit and finance are facing and talking through potential solutions to help them achieve objectives.

There are many shared challenges.

It was Malcolm Gladwell who said: “Successful transformations re-frame the problem that makes the solutions possible – they erase existing boundaries and start from scratch.”

It’s one thing to spruik the need for re-framing, but it’s a whole other thing to grapple with the challenges associated with navigating complex traditions and informal political structures within organisations.

Particularly when professional services marketers are flooded with the demands of day-to-day delivery of tactical marketing activities or extinguishing proverbial ‘spot fires’ lit by the usual suspects, it can be challenging to find the time, the capacity and the internal support required to lead marketing innovation to transform brand and culture into the future.

We’re operating in a period of rapid technological change. Some industries are being disrupted, other industries are quickly consolidating.

Re-framing for the future means becoming more agile and responsive, becoming more personal and personable as a brand, being relevant and adding significant value in the lives of your target audiences. It means engaging with them through creating meaningful brand experiences and content storytelling.

Re-framing for the future means being a change leader as you unwind decades of habits within the companies you work in and lead strategic and incremental transformation toward true customer-centricity and real value.

Over the coming weeks we’ll share insights and key takeaways we gathered to assist you with taking advantage of meaningful opportunities and positioning for the future.