Brands have used content to grow their business for centuries

It’s nothing new for brands to use storytelling and content to engage with customers, communicate value and grow their businesses. Brands have been doing it for hundreds of years.

While the types of stories told and how these brands reached their audiences has changed over time, the reality is that a company’s growth has been tremendously supported by taking a strategic approach to content and marketing. This is becoming more and more evident in today’s world of connectivity, 24/7 access and the ongoing revolution of what brands can and will mean in the lives of everyday people.

When we previously wrote about The Future of Brands, we considered five key traits which would affect the future successes of a brand:

  1. Brands will be driven by customers.
  2. Brands will be personal and personable.
  3. Brands will need to be intentional.
  4. Brands will need to be contextual.
  5. Brands will need to be experiential.

When looking back at the history of content marketing, as the Content Marketing Institute has done, it’s interesting to see how brands employed strategic storytelling, brand journalism and publishing relevant content and communications for their current and prospective customers.

Enjoy CMI’s History of Content Marketing: